Elgin Incident Alerts

Public transport

Returns events reported on the road network by Elgin. Includes obstructions, accidents and roadworks.

UK Open Government Licence (OGL)
ID Label Tags Unit
0 roadworks
1 obstruction
2 incident
3 accident
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Documentation : Events Feeds API Overview

The Developers' API is REST-based and can be accessed by issuing HTTP GET requests. All usage is measured in volume of the data returned, including where access is free. You will need to construct a URL appropriate to the dataset you're interested in and the particular information you want to retrieve.

Event type feeds can be access following these URL patterns for GET requests:
Path Returns
1 /events/feeds/{feed ID} Metadata about the feed and streams, with current values if available.
2 /events/feeds/{feed ID}/datastreams/{datastream ID} Metadata about the stream, with the latest value and timestamp if available.
3 /events/feeds/{feed ID}/datastreams/{datastream ID}/events The most recent data points or events from the past 24 hours, up to 50 as available.
/events/feeds/{feed ID}/datastreams/{datastream ID}/events?{refinement parameters} Data points, selected according to the refinement parameters.

To read the rest, please look at the Developers' API.